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With more than 17 years trusted experience in online solutions for web stores, golf tee-time systems and vacation/condo rentals we can provide your business a solution that offers ease of use, comprehensive support, integration with your website's established look, and integration with trusted payment systems.

Instant Sfotware

Vacation/Condo Reservations

Using the WebLink web-service associated with Instant Software's Property Management software suite, we have developed a solution that is integrated into the overall graphic look of your website and exploits all property/unit information, rates, availability and photos as managed through your existing system. Features include:

  • Quick availbility search feature
  • Advanced search features
  • Search results include name, photos, details , rental cost and instant booking
  • Property browse with photos, amenities, description, overall availability calendar and availbility check.
  • Real time reservations

For a live example please visit Myrtle Beach Barefoot Resort .


Tee Links Tee Time Network

Golf Tee Time Booking

Used by 100's of golf courses along South Carolina's Grand Strand, New Jersey and elsewhere, the T-Links software suite is used to manage course rates, bookings and much more . At Bear Swamp Internet Technologies we have developed a process that exploits the T-Links web-service interface for real-time single course, mutiple course and golf course/hotel packages all intergrated with the look of your website. Features include:

  • Intuitive, easy to use tee time availability checks - the golfer can just select a date range and number of players to find out what is truly available.
  • Real-time booking with real-time credit card processing
  • Optional hotel inclusion at the rates you have negotiated
  • Golf package options to use inclusive rates (golf, accommodations, meals, etc.) that book tee times within T-Links
  • Single or multiple courses
  • Options for group incremental payments with balance automatically charged
  • Customization to fit your business 'rules'

This system can be viewed at work at either of or


Custom Web Store Solutions

Web Stores for Your Business

We are known for implementing custom modifications to our standard online (web) store, including;

  • Registered member only pricing options
  • Registered member only products
  • Integration with a newsletter distribution system
  • Extended HTML product pages
  • Customer product feedback
  • Special tax situations
  • Partial order fulfillment
  • Shipping modification to account for large items
  • Custom shipping pricing features

and more. Our 'standard' online store includes:

  • Custom graphic design to meet your needs
  • Product categories and subcategories
  • Nearly unlimited product count ( 250,000 unique items as an example)
  • Automatic product 'page' pagination
  • Product search
  • Multiple images per product with automatic thumbnail creation
  • Multiple tax types and jurisdictions supported - including non-taxable products
  • Comphrensive admin tools including WYSIWYG support page editor, store composition editors, order processing, etc.
  • Home page 'news' editor
  • Tell-a-friend/recommender
  • Featured products
  • New Products
  • 'Also buy' recommendations based upon actual shopping data
  • Shipping options (fixed rate, etc)
  • Support for common real-time credit card processing gateways
  • and more.

For samples of our store implementation feel free to visit these 'live' websites: Peach Creek Shops, ForYou Health and Beauty Products, Mystical Golf Pro Shop.

Merchant Account Services

One thing you will always need is a merchant account so that your online store can accept credit cards. We've teamed with Capital Merchant Solutions to provide access to this vital service with NO SETUP FEE, lower discount rates, plus a FREE payment gateway account. To find out more and start your application process - click here for additional information.


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