Marketing Services and Solutions

We provide three fundamental marketing services and solutions to help you gain, interact with and retain customers.

reportingGAIN with Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Realizing that more than 85% of all web site visitors and shoppers are drawn to you website via search engines, we focus on providing sound search engine marketing approaches. We go beyond the norm of site map preparation, focused submissions and the like, to include measurement and tracking of placement performance, user experience and text copy changes to reinforce user expectations. Do keep in mind this process takes 2-6 months to yield results - all validated by measurement and reporting. Further do not be fooled by promises of quick results, low costs, submission to xxx search engines, 'hidden text', keyword 'stuffing' , link exchanges and so forth - the wrong approach will only bring poor results and possibly worse.

FacebookINTERACT via Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ ??? A bit overwhelming? You customers are there - using social media to talk about products, services, the day-to-day and more. We can help you use this interaction to grow excitement about your brand and increase the awareness of what you have to offer right where people 'play' every day. So, think about it, but don't wait too long - because your competitors are thinking too and may very well already be there.

newslettersRETAIN customers with email marketing: You have great products and services and loyal customers - but how to you keep them that way? Email marketing comes to mind as a tried and true approach. There are some important things to keep in mind when launching email marketing campaigns:

  • Make sure you have something to say that's useful to the audience.
  • Use a template that can lead them back to your website.
  • Make it easy for the reader to make referals to others about your website.
  • Always include opt-in/opt-out instructions.
  • Send messages in moderation.

We have two possible solutions you can consider:

  1. If we design, develop and host your website we suggest implementing our custom developed management, composition and distribution system as a first step in communication with interested website visitors. The methodology includes an integrated content editor, a custom HTML template (both HTML and plain text are sent), membership management, an unsubscribe page and an automatic distribution process. The public subscribe and unsubscribe process is fully integrated into the overall visual look of the website. The newsletter template is created to generally match the overall look of your website. Further, the management system for this feature is also integrated into the overall website admin controls.

  2. Constant ContactWe also offer the well known and trusted Constant Contact service for those clients looking for a robust, independent solution that puts them directly in control of all aspects of the process. You'll get everything you need to create effective, professional email newsletters. Get your audience interested in what you're doing and saying—and get them to take action! No special technical or design skills required to use email marketing from Constant Contact.

If you are ready for the next step or need to know more, contact us today.


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